Roof Repair – Is That All You Need?

If you have a leaky roof after every rain storm and can find parts of your roof in the neighbor’s yard after every wind gust, you should talk to a professional. It can seem initially cheaper to just have a patch job done but if your roof is ready to go, a patch jobs can end up being more costly in the long run. On the other hand if your roof is in relatively good condition a roof repair can extend the life of your roof and help save you money.

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So how do you decide what you need? You may not be able to actually climb up on your roof to do an inspection, but you can tell a lot from the interior and exterior of your home that will help guide you.

Obviously if you are finding roof shingles on the ground after a wind storm and you can stand outside your home and see parts of your roof coming up with binoculars, you are probably looking at a roof that needs more than just some TLC.

From the interior of your home you can do an inspection starting with the attic if you have one. If the ceiling is moist, stained, or otherwise damage take a look at how extensively. Is it just in one area of the roof or has it spread to a large mass of the attic ceiling? If water is leaking in from a damaged flash or uplifted shingle it will likely pool in one location. Check your walls in the home for moisture, blistering and water damage. If your wallpaper is peeling or you have mold on the walls you may have a source of moisture feeding behind the walls from a roof leak. See gutter installation Denver

Again if the damage is limited to one area of your home you may only have to contend with a roof repair job. More widespread damage is usually an indicator of the need for a new roof.

A roofing contractor can of course get on the roof itself and do a more thorough inspection job. The most likely areas for a leak will be flashings or loose tiles that have come up creating a way for water to enter and do damage. Once your roofing contractor is able to do an assessment along with your interior inspection, you should be able to make an intelligent choice about whether you need a new roof or just a roof repair to make it through another rainy season.

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